Bugs on first run with Fenix 7 Anyone else seen this?

I'm thankful to work in a team. As my IT dept has a habit of breaking stuff with AV and other crap-ware, I already asked if anyone else was having problems with Firefox after 5 minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong, after which someone pointed me to this thread Flour Bugs are very common. But there are ways to prevent them from showing up. Store your flour in food grade buckets with sealed lids – use 1-gallon, 3.5-gallon, or 5-gallon depending on where you are storing and how often you access your flour. Same goes for grain.These storage bins Hi everyone! I was under the impression when it was decided to break healers into pure healers and shield healers that like wasn't going to paired with like. So, why is it that in every heavy party I've been in as Sage, I've been paired with another Sage? It seems silly. After all, our shields don't stack the way regenerating heals do, which has led to me or the other healer overwriting the ... The Afterlands is content that is available to all classes starting at level 75 via the light bulb notifier. The rewards for this content are four permanent totems, each giving +20 to a single stat and 7 M/ATT, as well as a set bonus of 10 M/ATT for equipping three of the totems (total stats are 20 main stat, 20 secondary stat and 31 M/ATT). 7. Not everyone's first language is English. Be understanding. Please respect the community and respect each other. We are of many cultures so remember that. Don't assume others understand you are joking, don't belittle anyone for taking offense or being thin skinned. We are a community for software developers. Leave the egos at the door. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a singleplayer and multiplayer third-person and first-person action and open world game.. The game was originally released for consoles on October 26, 2018. It was released on PC on November 5, 2019 via Epic Games Store and Rockstar Games Launcher, followed by it becoming available on Steam one month later. The PC version features graphical and technical improvements ... For anyone who hasn't heard of it, the Modjam is a competition where modders will be given 48 hours to make a themed mod. The theme in question will be revealed when the event starts. Thank you to Danae123 for organizing it once again. Over to you. SAVE THE DATE: January 14-16 January 7-14: vote for themes

2022.01.29 09:53 blatchcorn Bugs on first run with Fenix 7 Anyone else seen this?

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2022.01.29 09:53 BigLew_99 Pent pins on cpu

I bought a new ryze 5 5600G and when trying to install it doesn't go snug to the slot on one side, the pins look a little bent someone please help me and tell me what to do this cost me £200 and I can't afford for it to be broken 😭
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2022.01.29 09:53 healthessentials99 Best of Bollywood Hindi Lofi Love Songs to Chill and Relax

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2022.01.29 09:53 kenshinkan08 Western vs eastern brew? Curious opinions

I like drinking allot but don't like idea of rebrewing 10 times was wondering if there was a middle instead of using 5 times leaf per oz if I could do 2.5 times more and brew for minute and half and only have to rebrew a couple of times. I don't want to feel like im wasting not rebrewing. I heard the more leafs more rebrew. I want to brew for best health effects any ideas
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2022.01.29 09:53 ColonelMonty People out here bringing up things the creators probably even thought of

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2022.01.29 09:53 sprawl1ng What is the best simulated class (as of 2022)?

Please add any that I missed or specific cars in the comments.
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2022.01.29 09:53 LightningDude898 Starting 2 weeks late, and the weirdest contract got me to Level 10

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2022.01.29 09:53 Exotic-Army-8198 Anyone up for multiplayer xbox?

Just send me your gamertag and ill invite you
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2022.01.29 09:53 justs0meviews My focus breaks during workouts

Hi everyone, I've been really struggling maintaining a proper exercise schedule during quarantine. My only saving grace has been my daily jogs, only reason I've been able to maintain my weight.
It was a lot easier when I could go to the gym with friends but that hasn't been an option for a while. I am awake more than I supposed to because I take meds but I am not motivated. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to stay motivated throughout a workout?
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2022.01.29 09:53 onewillivetonite Update from Renovation issue

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2022.01.29 09:53 Large_Command_1288 Are you tired of the NSFW posts?

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2022.01.29 09:53 AvianMC It do be like that

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2022.01.29 09:53 Hiswolfe1996 Just got my snakebites two days ago but the swelling on the left side keeps getting worse I’ve tried ice, warm compress and even ibuprofen but tot won’t go down should I go back to my piercer for a longer bar? Help this is urgent!

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2022.01.29 09:53 jo_jo_nyeb How many korean streamers can fit in Ring Fit?

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2022.01.29 09:53 SuperTomP Clive Palmer

I live in Australia and there is an election soon and probably more than half of youtube ads are telling me to fucking vote for Clive fucking Palmer, over and over and over again to the point where I have had 2 Clive Palmer ads straight after one another at the start of a video and a Clive Palmer ad at the end of the same video numerous times, I can hear "Vote One United Australia Party" playing over and over in my mind, please Clive get out of my head, make it stop.
Also to clarify this is not a post about politics, I am just sick of these ads, also the get rich quick ads are pretty bad too
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2022.01.29 09:53 Russian-Eye-1928 Is this true or just broscience? It has to be broscience right?

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2022.01.29 09:53 Doomsiren Warhammer 3 performance regarding Intel collaboration

If I remember correctly CA worked together with Intel to increase performance during battles in the laboratory add on a while back in Warhammer 2. The battles ran so smooth for me and I was able to set the unit count much higher with the battles still being playable! It was completely awesome.
I always wondered if this would carry over into the game itself and not just within it's separate mode. So far I haven't read or heard anything this and it would be a shame if the beastly performance increase from that dlc didn't get carried over into this one.
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2022.01.29 09:53 qwenmn AUDI AT BUS STOP: I DON'T WANT MOVE WHAT CAN YOU DO A video recently emerged online about a...

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2022.01.29 09:53 NinjaDoge250 Drivers still having issues

I recently did a clean reinstall of my drivers using ddu, but my screen still goes black randomly with eveything still running in the background. What can be the cause and what do I do? Using Athlon 200GE iGPU
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2022.01.29 09:53 poisonivy47 Economic growth means the economy is good for capitalists, it means nothing from a workers' perspective

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2022.01.29 09:53 PayPalHater 1099-K Form Explaination

So I got just a 1099-K from FORIS DAX and it claims I received over $78,104 in reportable transactions, but I don’t own a business nor do I receive any payments for transactions. Can anyone explain this to a numbnut like me? Or is this a case of identity been stolen?
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2022.01.29 09:53 SteffCurry1017 Baddie creams in fitting room πŸ˜«πŸ˜πŸ’¦

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2022.01.29 09:53 Down-not-out Now, if I identify as a ..

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2022.01.29 09:53 Pranavr09 Get Some Swag

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2022.01.29 09:53 Red32389 [positive] u/TheShowandMe

Bought 8 cards all valued over $20 from him. All cards arrived packaged separately in terrific condition. Extremely well done and the transaction itself was easy and painless. Would buy again from this user and recommend others do as well.
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