On Mindfulness of Birth and Death - Master Sheng Yen

2022.01.29 10:30 mettaforall On Mindfulness of Birth and Death - Master Sheng Yen

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2022.01.29 10:30 CorpsePhase Which <€500 headphone should I pick?

Hi guys, I am looking to go deeper into the audiophile experience and buying a headphone that's a bit more expensive but still <€500.
I started 10 years ago with the krk kns8400 which i loved especially for the price. After that I had a shure srh 940 of which I liked the sound but the build quality was really bad. I'm not a producer or anything I just love a clean, relatively accurate, and enjoyable listening experience. Besides to comfort and soundquality, durability is very important to me. Up till now i have always had closed-back and been satisfied, but i'm open to open-back suggestions as i hear they sound even better.
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.29 10:30 msmoley Why player-coach relationships are an issue in women's football

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2022.01.29 10:30 AutoModerator ARMÁ TU EMPRENDIMIENTO: TEMA DEL SÁBADO.

Todos los sábados vamos a publicar este post automático para poder postear sobre emprendimientos.
ACLARACIÓN: Ser emprendedor no es ser freelancer o tener un negocio atendido por su dueño. Es dar trabajo, formar equipos, etc. Vamos por ahi!

Post programados:
MIÉRCOLES: Contable & Impositivo.
VIERNES: Cierre de la semana. Todo sobre ideas de inversiones se postea este día
SÁBADO: Emprendimientos. Ideas, consejos y mucho más para que puedas emprender
DOMINGO: Vivir o trabajar en el exterior
Dudas en general o experiencias. Todo es bienvenido!
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2022.01.29 10:30 AutoModerator Não consegui colocar o mosquiteiro

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2022.01.29 10:30 AutoModerator Weekly Thread - Share your Favourite Music.🎵❤

Found a song you just cant stop listening to? Share it with us.
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2022.01.29 10:30 newdiscourses "In the beginning there was Justice in the world..."

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2022.01.29 10:30 Jamesrobertga How to weight loss while sleeping? Try Ultra resurge sleep supplement (Advanced 2022)

Consumers use the ultra resurge sleep supplement as it helps them to achieve warranty results in an economical price and without the fear of any side effects or any adverse reactions.
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2022.01.29 10:30 ComradeCommissary Vietnam to increase frequency of commercial international flights

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2022.01.29 10:30 msmoley Global demand for shea butter is jeopardizing the earning power of women in Burkina Faso

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2022.01.29 10:30 AutoModerator Top 20 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the Century (So Far)

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2022.01.29 10:30 valleywatermelon Surfshark Discount

You may get Surfshark Discount from this link. Finding a real Surfshark Discount might be hard sometimes. At there, you may get free discount code and offers for online stores and in stores. Also, daily deals and sales are available always.
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2022.01.29 10:30 Link15reddit Good morning reddit

Hello everyone it is 7:30Am, remember chat is a thing for members.
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2022.01.29 10:30 Rasa_Aggarwal Shrine Of Hazrat Bal, Kashmir

Shrine Of Hazrat Bal, Kashmir
The Hazratbal Shrine is a Muslim shrine. It contains a relic, the Moi-e-Muqqadas, believed by many Muslims of Kashmir to be Muhammad's hair. The name of the shrine comes from the Farsi word Hazrat, meaning "respected", and the Kashmiri word bal, meaning "place". Thus it means the place which is given high regard and is respected among the people. The mosque contains strands of Muhammad's hair, often referred to as "the relic of Hazratbal shrine" or simply, "the relic". The relic was first brought to Kashmir by Syed Abdullah, a purported descendant of Muhammad who left Medina and settled in Bijapur, near Hyderabad in 1635.
When Syed Abdullah died, his son Syed Hamid inherited the relic. Following the Mughal conquest of the region, Syed Hamid was stripped of his family estates. Finding himself unable to care for the relic, he sold it to a wealthy Kashmiri businessman Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai.
However, when the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb came to know of what had transpired, he had the relic seized and sent to the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer and had Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai imprisoned in Delhi for possessing the relic. Later, realising his mistake, Aurangzeb decided to restore the relic to Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai and to allow him to take it to Kashmir. However, Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai had already died in imprisonment.
In 1700, the relic finally reached Kashmir, along with the body of Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai. There, Inayat Begum, daughter of Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Eshai, became a custodian of the relic and established the shrine. Since then, her male descendants have been caretakers of the relic. The caretakers of the shrine are known as Nishandehs.
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2022.01.29 10:30 missloellax Password room on chaturbate

So during my first stream on chaturbate I got scammed by someone sending me tokens through a password locked room with me (not a private show!). The tips didn’t credit my account and it was t til after that I noticed the text saying that a password locked room and a private show are different things.
So my question is, what is the purpose of locking the room if the tipped tokens don’t count during that locked room?
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2022.01.29 10:30 Serinrinn Ayatooooooo

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2022.01.29 10:30 AutoModerator Remember to Do:

Things to Do:
- Get New Mer and Spring Halo (For Yourself)
- Do Missing HW (most are half done so at least try)
- Trading for Robux (50k ATM)
- Get Commissioned (get 3 slots for non-sketches, try no chibis)
- Take All Sketch Commissions
- Experiment with New Stuff (Poses, Male and Female Body, Hands and MAYBE Feet)
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2022.01.29 10:30 Hail_Aqualung Help us conquer please?

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2022.01.29 10:30 bobgum WA DA DA - Rock Paper Scissors Compilation

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2022.01.29 10:30 DOUGL4S1 Organic modern house

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2022.01.29 10:30 XYZFrosti Headset not connecting to WIFI.

Hey guys so i just got an Oculus about a week ago and it’s been connected to the internet just fine until last night it wouldn’t connect. All it says is connected,no internet. Can anyone help?
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2022.01.29 10:30 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 29, 2022 at 02:30PM

Gerade ist es January 29, 2022 at 02:30PM
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2022.01.29 10:30 SnooApples4043 The Red Serpent In The Garden Of Eve (censored version)

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2022.01.29 10:30 whistlebug23 [USA-MD] [H] Holy Diver Collector's Edition NES [W] PayPal $125 Shipped

Hi all -
This copy is sealed. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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2022.01.29 10:30 SilverMtEerie any kinds of trades/careers i can get into in a relatively short time?

im 20 about to be 21, haven't gone to college yet. im going to have to move out later this year, and i'd like to have some security when it comes to getting a job. all these years i've been doing doordash and ubereats for income (pays way better than any part time jobs i've had).

are there any kinds of jobs i can get training/accredited for in half a year or less? not necessarily looking for a career, just something that'll give me enough to survive off of while i figure things out.
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