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2022.01.29 09:51 AlirezaZamani 500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol2

500 Alphas-Tileable Patterns-Vol2 Click Here to Download this Asset
Click Here to Download this Asset
Hi everyone!
Here is a set of 500 Various 4k PNG Patterns.
You can bring more details to your work using these alphas. These alphas also work in any 3d software.
  • All Patterns are made procedurally ( not from images ) so don't worry about closeup Quality.
Package Contains:
3 .rar files :
  • 119 4k PNG Ancient Pattern
  • 168 PNG 4k Floral Pattern
  • 212 4k PNG Geometric Pattern
Hope you download it and enjoy it.
Here are some of our other products:
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25 Fabric Materials-sbsar+20Basecolor Textures
50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol3 50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol3
50 Fabric Materials-sbsar-4k-custom colors-Vol2
100 Fabric materials-Vol-01
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20 PBR Tire Material
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Wood Log Material Generator
6 Wood Material pack
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2022.01.29 09:51 Apprehensive-Lion-76 [HELP][PS4][DS1][SL105][NG+] Need help in four kings

I can't anymore, please someone help me
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Käytätkö vielä koronavilkkua?
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2022.01.29 09:51 Jrubas On a Hike, I Met a Lost Civil War 2021

“Ah, smell that mountain air,” Jan said. She took a deep breath that puffed out her chest, then launched into a foot-stomping coughing fit. “Bug,” she said and hacked into the grass.
Sighing, I sat on a rock, swung my backpack off my shoulder, and dug out a granola bar. I tore the wrapper, peeled it like a banana, and took a bite. “Just face it,” I said, “we’re lost.”
Jan waved me off. “We’re not lost.” She put her hand to her forehead to cut out the glare of the midday sun and scanned the horizon.
“Where are we then?” I asked.
For a moment, Jan didn’t reply. “West,” she said.
“Oh, we’re west?” I asked. We had been hiking since sunrise and I was sore and tired, so I was bitchy.
Jan turned. “Yes,” she said with a nod.
She had no idea where we were and neither did I. Our compass broke seven miles back, our phones had no service, and neither one of us could read a map to save our lives. How people ever used those things, I’ll never know.
“You’re full of shit,” I said and took another bite.
Sighing because she knew I was right, Jan sat next to me and held her hand out. I gave her the granola bar and she finished it off.
It was late August and we were hiking through the George Washington National Forest in western Virginia. We left Harrisonburg on the twentieth intending to cross the border into West Virginia, camp a few nights, and then head back, but our little foray into the wilderness had turned into such a disaster that we were both thinking of turning back just four days in. First, we lost half our supplies crossing a rushing river. Next, we both got poison ivy, and finally, a bear tried to eat us. That’s not to mention the heat and bugs. “Remember what that guy at the gas station said?” Jan asked now.
“The fat one with the rebel flag on his shirt?”
Jan nodded. “Yeah, him.”
I thought for a minute. “Something about a curse, right?”
“He said the woods were cursed,” Jan said, “I think he was right.”
“Yeah,” I said, “they probably are.”
I took out my canteen, unscrewed the lid, and took a gulp of warm, slimy water. I passed it to Jan and got to my feet. “Ready?” I asked.
We set off and picked up the trail. Trees and tangles of vegetation flanked it on either side; the perfect place for snakes to hide. I kept my eye on them just in case, and let my mind wander. I was lost in thought when I caught a flash of movement from the corner of my eye. I whipped my head around just in time to see something step behind a tree. Its movement was too deliberate to be an animal. I stopped short and Jan bumped into me. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
I nodded to the tree. It was about 500 feet away. “I saw something,” I said, lowering my voice to a whisper.
Jan craned her neck to see. “What?”
“I dunno,” I said. “I think it was a person.”
“A person?” Jan asked. “Out here?”
“Yeah, out here.”
Jan made a face like I was lying. In typical Jan fashion, she cut right to the chase in the most direct way possible. “Hey? Is someone out there?”
Crows kawed in the distance.
“See?” Jan asked. “Nothing.”
Well…okay. The tree wasn’t very wide around so nothing could be hiding behind it. Maybe I was imagining things. “Guess I’m seeing things,” I muttered.
We pressed on. The trees fell back from the path a little, and sunlight spilled through the waving green treetops. A cool breeze blew through the woods and I could hear the roar of a nearby river. A branch cracked off in the distance and I startled. “That was a person,” I said.
“Not this again,” Jan said.
“Shut up,” I snapped, defensive, “I heard a person. There are people out here.”
Jan rolled her eyes.
“I mean it. Look.”
Grabbing the biggest, meanest rock I could carry, I went off the trail and ducked behind a tree. Instead of an attacker, I was met with nothing. “Will you cut it out?” Jan asked.
Crazy. I was going crazy.
For a while there, I had a case of the heebie jeebies, but after a while, I relaxed. At some point during the day, we crossed into West Virginia. Just over the state line, we came to a fork in the path. One route was open and clear, the other overgrown. “This way,” Jan said and started down the road less traveled. Waaaay less traveled.
“You’re gonna get us killed.”
“Anything for adventure,” Jan said and cracked a smile.
Let me tell you: She meant it that day. We scaled a rock wall, shuffled along a ledge over a precarious drop, and picked out away across a rotted, swinging rope bridge suspended above white water rapids. When we got to the other side of the river, we turned to look back at the other bank, and to our astonishment, some guy in bearskins ran up and hacked the ropes with an ax. The bridge went slack and then fell into the river. We tracked it with our eyes and then looked back at the man. He put his thumb against his nose, wiggled his fingers, and then bounded off like a merry prankster.
“I told you there were people out here,” I finally said.
“I wonder what he wants,” Jan asked.
“Obviously to ruin our hike,” I said.
“I hope that’s all. He looked like one of those cannibals from Wrong Turn or something.”
We started up the trail again. “I dunno,” I said, “he looked pretty normal. Except for the pelts.”
“Yeah, that’s a dead giveaway that something’s wrong.”
For about an hour, we followed the path aimlessly. We had just emerged into a clearing when someone called out behind us. We turned…
…and froze.
Three men in plain, homespun clothes and with big beards were aiming rifles at us. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach and Jan went pale. “Y’all don’t move,” one of them said and licked his lips. He looked nervous.
Another one came forward, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t rifles they were holding.
It was muskets.
Or is that “were” muskets?
Idk, I failed English.
The men tied our hands behind our backs and marched us through the clearing, laughing and joking about their “prize catch.” “Wait ‘til Col. Parker sees this. He’s gonna promote us for sure.”
“Who’s Col. Parker?” Jan asked.
“You gon’ see,” one said in a thick drawl.
Fifteen minutes later, we came into a camp by a bend in the river. A half dozen tents faced each other in two ranks, and cauldrons bubbled over low, smoky fires. A few men sat around not doing much of anything, and when they saw me and Jan, they came alive. They gawked at us like they had never seen two women on a hike and I chafed under their gazes. I know when a guy is gawking at me and thinking dirty things; these guys weren’t. It wasn’t like they were feasting their eyes on two beautiful women, it’s like they were seeing a unicorn after a long, long time looking for one. Our captors pushed us into the largest tent, and a man in a gray officer’s uniform with brass buttons looked up from a map. He saw us and exploded to his feet. “Yee-haw, thank God, you finally found some womenfolk.” He took off his hat and gave it a hearty wave.
“What’s this about?” I asked. “Are you gonna rape us? Eat us?”
Col. Parker raised one bushy white eyebrow.
“What?” I asked. “That’s what you rednecks usually do.”
He laughed, and so too did his underlings. “Allow me to introduce myself,” he said when the laffs had passed. “My name is Col. Angus T. Parker, 1st Virginia.”
“1st Virginia?” I asked. “Like…Civil War?”
“I reckon you can call it that,” Col. Parker said.
Jan and I looked at each other. “Nice try, buddy,” I said, “the Civil War ended, like, a hundred years ago.”
Col. Parker sighed and hung his head. “Not for the Lost Virginia it didn’t.”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“It’s us,” he said. “Me and my men.”
Sitting down, Col. Parker ordered us untied, and we sat facing him. What he told us was inventive, if not outrageous. In the year 1864, Col. Parker and his men were fighting the Yankees in western Virginia. After a fierce battle, they were separated from the main body of their army and got lost in the wilderness. “We happened upon this land and ran across an old woman.” This old woman, he said, lived in a cave nearby, wore a black cloak, and gave everyone the evil eye by default. She didn’t like soldiers in her woods so she cursed them to forever wander in circles.
When he was done, I fixed him with a blank stare. “Nice story, Stephen King, but I’m not buying it.”
“It’s a little hard to believe,” Jan agreed.
Col. Parker nodded. “I figured you’d say that.”
He picked up an old pistol with a long barrel, aimed at one of the men behind us, and fired. The report was deafening in the confined space, and smoke filled the air. The bullet punched one of the men in the chest and knocked him down. He moaned in pain and Jan and I both gasped in shock. “Show ‘em your wound.”
The man got woozily to his feet, came over, and lifted his shirt. There was a hole just above his heart.
It did not bleed.
“Believe us now?” Col. Parker asked.
Jan and I looked at each other. “Okay,” I said, “let’s say you’re for real. Why don’t you just go kill the witch? Pretty sure that’ll break the curse.”
A look of revulsion flickered across the old man’s face. “A gentleman doesn’t murder a lady im cold blood.” He spun the pistol around and pushed it across the table. “That’s why I’m making you do it.”
“Uh…excuse me?” I asked.
Col. Parker waited.
“I’m not much of a killer,” I said, “and Jan is a pacifist so…yeah, this isn’t going to happen.”
Col. Parker nodded to his men. They came forward and grabbed Jan, yanking her to her feet. “You’ll kill the witch,” Col. Parker told me, “or your friend is joining our lost march.”
And that’s how I came to be sneaking through the forest with a 500 year old Colt and mud smeared all over my face and arms. Col. Parker claimed that covering myself in “elemental mother earth” would block the witch from being able to smell me and read my mind, but I kinda think he was trolling me. “Watch out for the Woodsman,” he said before I left.
The Woodsman was the witch’s manservant. He pranced around doing his mistress’s bidding and pulling mean-spirited pranks when he wasn’t on the clock. I didn’t know when or where I would encounter him, but it didn’t take long. I caught flashes of him from the corner of my eye and heard him slinking through the brush. My heart raced and my grip tightened on the gun. Every time I turned to face him, he was gone, and once, I heard his booming laughter when I stepped in a mud patch and lost a shoe. “It’s not funny!” I screamed. I was hot, tired, and some serious supernatural stuff was happening. I was not in the mood for fun and games.
When I was close to the cave Col. Parker had directed me to, the Woodsman got bolder. He jumped out of tall trees, landed behind me, and scurried away giggling. Once, something hit me in the back of the head and knocked me down. “Tehe!” he cried.
I was getting really sick of him.
Finally, I devised a plan. I pretended to fall down and clutched my ankle. “I am hurt,” I said loudly in my best impression of a wooden post, “and at my most vulnerable. I hope no one pranks me.”
I waited a moment, then whipped around to find the Woodsman creeping up on me. I aimed the gun at him and he halted in his tracks. “I’ll stop,” he said.
Getting to my feet, I jabbed the gun at him. “Not so funny now, huih?”
He started to cry.
“Give me your clothes.”
Five minutes later, I left him curled up and crying on the forest floor. His bear skin thingamabob stank to high heaven but it would do the trick.
I found the old woman’s cave high on a hillside. She was standing by the mouth and sweeping with a broom when I walked up, head down. “About time ye came back,” she said, “your supper is gettin’ warm.”
Inside, the cave was cozily decorated with cast off junk that the witch had made into furniture. A table sat in the middle of the space. When I saw the roadkill on the plate, my stomach turned. The old woman hobbled in, saw me, and narrowed her eyes. “You’re not the Woodsman. Who are you?”
It was now or never.
And I wished it was never.
I spun and aimed the gun at her. She saw it and arched her brow. “Aye, you be tryin’ to kill me,” she said.
“I don’t wanna,” I said, “but if I don’t, those rebels are gonna keep Jan forever.”
The old woman laughed. “That thing won’t hurt me, lass, I’m Satan’s whore.” She threw herself at me and I fired. The round smashed into her stomach and drove her back with an oof. She hit the wall and slid down, leaving a trail of green slime in her wake. Her eyes turned green and reptilian, and a forked tongue shot from her mouth. “Nooo,” she hissed, “silver.”
She gave up the ghost with a wet death rattle, and I sighed.
It didn’t feel good killing someone.
Or something.
Heavy-hearted, I walked back to the camp, pausing to lay the bearskin over the skeleton that had been the Woodsman. Back at camp, skeletons in rags lay here and there. I found Jan with Col. Parker’s head in her lap. He had aged a hundred years since I left. His cheeks were sunken, his body gaunt, and his eyes milky white. “Thank you,” he said with his final breath.
Slowly, he turned to powder and blew away on the wind.
Jan looked traumatized.
I helped her up and we walked away.
“You know,” Jan said, “that was a really fun hike. We should do it again sometime.”
“No,” I said.
“Oh, come on,” Jan countered, “those guys were actually really nice. They taught me to play cards.”
It’s been almost six months and Jan still won’t shut up about going on another hike.
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2022.01.29 09:51 tbabey I miss the old style cinnamon rolls 😞

Those big flakey rolls with the light zig zag drizzle of icing going across it. I've looked for copycat recipes online and can't find any for the old style. Thanks for listening
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Um 21:15 Uhr geht der Sammelspaß weiter Pokémon-Legenden: Arceus
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2022.01.29 09:51 Space_Guy20287 The Orbital Launch Mount was spotted venting, presumably during some kind of testing. Meanwhile, work around the Production Site continued. Video + Photos by Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and the NSF Robots for NASASpaceflight (@NASASpaceflight) . Edited by Jack Beyer (@thejackbeyer).

The Orbital Launch Mount was spotted venting, presumably during some kind of testing. Meanwhile, work around the Production Site continued. Video + Photos by Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and the NSF Robots for NASASpaceflight (@NASASpaceflight) . Edited by Jack Beyer (@thejackbeyer). submitted by Space_Guy20287 to StarshipDevelopment [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:51 Bass_Virtual Personal Statement Document Checklist

Do I have to upload the two statements I wrote previously in the document checklist section that says personal statement?
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2022.01.29 09:51 cassynx_ Hi! I drew this a few months ago and decided to post it here! If you want please follow my instagram @cassyynx :) <3

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2022.01.29 09:51 yngslyguy Red tailed Boa needs rehoming. He’s 6 1/2 feet long feeds biweekly on live jumbo rats and has a good temperament. He loves to explore his cage and is always active (especially in the mornings). Unfortunately I have to move and can’t keep him but I want him to go to a good home.

Red tailed Boa needs rehoming. He’s 6 1/2 feet long feeds biweekly on live jumbo rats and has a good temperament. He loves to explore his cage and is always active (especially in the mornings). Unfortunately I have to move and can’t keep him but I want him to go to a good home. submitted by yngslyguy to snakes [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:51 jglafamille Did anyone made their own thumb loops ?

Hi !
I love this feature so much. I don't know why they got rid of it. If somebody knows why by the way i'd love to know the reason. (Btw I'm in Europe maybe in the US you still have products with thumb loops?)
I don't like wearing gloves, but having thumb loops is nice. Also, It may sound dumb, but it looks great.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone tried to make thumb loops on their R fleeces ? Would love to get some on my R1/R2 techface and R1 full zip. The only pieces I have with it is an R1 1/4 zip hoody from a few years ago and a capilene 4 baselayer (but I'm not a huge fan of the string, I would prefer a hole in the sleeve)
I'm not an expert but that doesn't look that difficult ? Like making a hole then sewing around it ? Would make something like that avoid the warranty or so ? Not that I care much about the warranty, I never used it. Just wondering.
Am I the only one liking thumb loops ?
Thanks !
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2022.01.29 09:51 ill_infatuation BMW 320i 2007 Australia. A good buy?

G'day guys,
Thank you for coming by my post.
I wanted some advice on purchasing a 2007 320i which is done 200,000km on the odo and has had one owner. The guy's taken good care of it from what I can see and maintained a well documented service book.
Is $6,500 AUD a reasonable price? What should I be looking for, I'm meeting the agent (it's being sold by an independent seller) on Monday and wanted to make a list of questions I could ask him.
My main concerns are how this might end up as a money pit, seeing how frequent they break down or need new parts. How much would I have to spend on service and parts p.a?
I drive a Honda Civic and it's been a really good car and it's done 350,000kms.
Any advice is helpful, thanks heaps.
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2022.01.29 09:51 eriewingcity Solar Farm DC Relays??

450 VDC coming in, need a way to reroute the service when the grid goes down. Was thinking relays but not sure 100% how to go about it. Downstream of my ATS, lmk if you need more info.
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2022.01.29 09:51 quesqotrickster Dear heavy scorpio placements... I get that we are intense sometimes even scary but who's actual type are we?

Like which sign/placement is the one that will not just "accept" this intensity, but for them it's actually what they want? Because I've never someone who just "hunts" scorpio energy you know? It's always the scary and too intense thing. So if you'd have to pick a few signs/placements to match us what are those? If it's from personal experience that's even better! I'm asking because I have and always had people in my life who CAN accept it, look over it (while not truly understanding it), but this acceptence is more like a "yeah I can accept that you are intense and scary sometimes and I will not hate you for it" but it's never the "yes this is actually what I was looking for in a person". So which sign is our exact energetical match? Not in a relationship sense but friendship, getting along-ship, anything. Any input is appreciated! I'm very curious about this!
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2022.01.29 09:51 coindicators Daily Top % Discord - Members

Daily Top % Discord - Members Daily Top % Discord - Members
$CASIO +289.11
$ACYC +73.14
$NAFTY +41.48
$DPC +35.23
$YFI +34.44 provides big data analysis based on multiple indicators for over 10.800 cryptocurrencies 🚀! Use our website to discover 🔥 and 📈 cryptocurrency!
More on Like and Retweet on Follow our Telegram group for more updates
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