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Guys, She’s NOT A Gold Digger ‼️

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2022.01.29 09:54 Abigdog44 Guys, She’s NOT A Gold Digger ‼️

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2022.01.29 09:54 foreverwilin SELLING STEAM ACCOUNT

Selling my Steam Account for $60; the 16 games include the DLC:

Contact me through Discord Wilin#1838 or through Reddit
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2022.01.29 09:54 Juv3WWCdinner Did a hit something here?

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2022.01.29 09:54 KAFKA_FAN Укажи свою сторону

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2022.01.29 09:54 CielPhntmhv Evet - Muhammed K.A

Evet - Muhammed K.A submitted by CielPhntmhv to KGBTR [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 GroundbreakingLynx14 Rep. Ed Perlmutter Resurrects SAFE Banking Act in New Bill

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2022.01.29 09:54 zhouse_org Davide_Neri-Deep_Sensations-(3616554287483)-WEB-2021-DWM / ZHouse

Davide_Neri-Deep_Sensations-(3616554287483)-WEB-2021-DWM / ZHouse submitted by zhouse_org to ZHouse_org [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 Greenmamba123456 Danny Tenaglia - Elements [Greenmamba Bootleg] CLASSIC TUNES

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2022.01.29 09:54 PresidentofJukeBoxes Apocalypse Team

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2022.01.29 09:54 Fuzzy_Personality Perk screen completely messed up. Please help!

Perk screen completely messed up. Please help! I think I installed all the necessary mods, yet this happens. I also installed Russian translation, the one that linked on the mod page.
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2022.01.29 09:54 Hydr0Buzz How much chicken and rice though?!

My puppy has a bad stomach and I've made her a DELICIOUS chicken risotto to ease her woes.
(OK, it's just plain boiled chicken breast and plain white rice)
The vet says to feed her little and often. But it's now the weekend, and with all my googling I can't find any info on the actual daily amount that she needs, all the recipes are in "cups" which I'm terrible at converting, being British 😅 She seems like she's starving and would eat the lot if I let her!
She's a 9 month old Swiss Shepherd, around 30kg.
Does anyone have a similar sized dog who can advise how many chicken breasts with rice she could have in a day? So far today she's had the equivalent of half a breast and a handful of rice, does that sound about right?! ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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2022.01.29 09:54 peacefulmusic386 Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleeping Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music, Study Music, Insomnia ?001

Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleeping Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music, Study Music, Insomnia ?001 submitted by peacefulmusic386 to meditationmusic [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 5P00DERMAN1264 Damn Spidey (New Avengers #53)

Damn Spidey (New Avengers #53) submitted by 5P00DERMAN1264 to comicbooks [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 petrus_crox If what remains of us reincarnates within 49 days after our death, who and how do these "Mediums" make contact with when they are able to connect with "souls" way after the 49 days?

Please answer acknowledging that Mediums are legit, of course, at least some of them.
Thank you
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2022.01.29 09:54 Megachamps Who is the best follower?

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2022.01.29 09:54 bluuee00 Check encashment

I'm not sure if this can be discussed here. I just don't know which subreddit is the correct one for my question.
Makakatanggap kasi ako cheke na nakapangalan sa tatay ko na nasa ibang bansa. Wala syang bank account sa pinas dahil matagal na syang nasa abroad at hindi sya makakauwi anytime soon. Alam ng tatay ko na matatanggap ko yung cheke and with his consent na i-encash ko. Meron syang pinadalang SPA galing sa embassy ng Jeddah. Ang question ko, enough na ba yun ipakita sa banks para ma-encash ko yung cheke? Sa union bank ko sana ie-encash.
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2022.01.29 09:54 blu_bel Sick of medical invalidation

I finally had a cystoscopy today after years of urethral burning and recently urgency. Came back all clear and same with bladder and kidney scans. The urologist I was allocated to, sent me on my way claiming there is nothing wrong, therefore there is nothing he can offer me to help ease any pain or urgency. Said I should try a larger dose of antibiotics even though there is no infection present.
He claimed “most women are sensitive in that area/it is a sensitive area”. Except it’s not sensitive for me, it’s painful. He also went on to say that I should stop paying attention to it, or thinking about it as it must be in my head. He took advantage of me sharing that I am a student nurse to claim that often nurses work with bad urinalysis results and then they think they’ve got an infection themselves.
I was so taken back I left in tears and unable to advocate for myself. He also claimed that since there is no inflammation I do not have IC and that my issues cannot stem from pelvic floor dysfunction nor endometrial tissue. (I experience frequently tensed muscles in that area, pain with penetration and painful periods).
I feel defeated and at loss on what to do. I’m in the UK which means I cannot just contact another urologist. I don’t know how to live like this with no medical help. Any advice?
submitted by blu_bel to Interstitialcystitis [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 DeadForYears4455 Why did I never cheat?

Why did I never cheat?
I am the BS. Since d-day and thru reconciliation I’ve been desperately trying to rationalize my WS’s behaviour.
I am a sex positive person who has read a lot over the years on monogamy and sexually diverse relationships. I understand human need. I understand that monogamy over a long period of time is hard. I am trying to not be so hard on my spouse when we live in a world where infidelity is so common. I have told myself and my spouse that we can even have an open arrangement (with pre-negotiated terms and boundaries) which they say they don’t want and that I am the only person they want. (lol… k)
But one thing that I wonder about from time to time is: if cheating is so normal, if monogamy is so hard, if we as humans cannot (and maybe should not) try to control our sexual urges as tightly as a monogamous relationship demands they have been controlled, then…
Why have I never cheated?
Monogamy for me hasn’t been difficult. Having and committing exclusively to one person hasn’t been hard. I have never come close to cheating. I have never sought out a sexual encounter outside of my relationship. I have never “seized the opportunity” when out of town and away from my spouse. It has not been a struggle to remain faithful. All of that despite having my own sexual needs that often aren’t fulfilled in my relationship, nor do I expect them to be fulfilled 100% of the time. Despite being human and finding other humans attractive. Despite having my own self esteem issues like WS says are the root of their cheating behaviour. And despite believing for a long time that WS was being unfaithful even when it hadn’t yet been confirmed.
Is there something wrong with me? If wanting and needing sex outside your marriage is normal, am I not normal, because I don’t want it and never have in nearly TWO decades?
Not being able to relate to the desire to cheat is difficult for me because it means I am having trouble understanding WS’s frame of mind when doing this.
The only reason I can come up with is empathy. I have empathy and cannot imagine making my spouse feel as I do now. I can’t imagine putting them through this kind of pain. Which then just leads to the next question: if empathy is a key thing that keeps me faithful, is empathy something my WS lacks? They claim to be devastated now and to not wanted to cheat even while they were doing it (despite doing it intentionally and consistently over a long period of time) but if true, how would they not have curbed the behaviour if they had a normal level of empathy?
Apologies for the rambling post. I am in a new routine of waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat, and wanted to get this off my chest. I’m sure many of you can relate.
submitted by DeadForYears4455 to AsOneAfterInfidelity [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 Iam_Yoshi I love deer, they are beautiful

I love deer, they are beautiful submitted by Iam_Yoshi to animalroyale [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 WangChi Randomly switching between gym profiles?

Has anyone else had a problem with this? On IOS I have two gym profiles, my home gym, and the actual gym. Even if I haven’t been to the actual gym in over a week my app randomly switches profiles.
Generally it’s not a problem, but it’s annoying. It’ll say it’s using my home gym but program exercises with equipment that I don’t have. When I click settings it shows it’s actually on the other profile. Is there a way to set one of my profiles as the default?
Also a suggestion for a feature to add, let me program my routine my muscles! I like a modified PPL (two days upper push/lower pull and upper pull/lower push) but there’s no way to program that unless I manually select the muscle groups every day.
Like if I could do something like: set amount of different days (2), include muscles for day 1 (chest, shoulders, triceps, glutes, hamstrings), include muscles for day 2 (back, biceps, quads, calves). My life would be so much easier.
submitted by WangChi to fitbod [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 purpleninja152 https://t.me/Moonstar_Token

🌜⭐️ MoonStar ⭐️🌛
📌 https://t.me/moonstar_token
MOONSTAR’s decentralized application will scrape influencer’s posts to determine their outreach based on specified action phrases. Clients can place their influencer advertising budget in trust through the smart contract, which will pay out in MOONSTAR tokens to registered influencers based on how effective their promotion is.
We are developing a state-of-the-art platform where you can securely and reliably monitor your positions and either buy or sell based on the data in your dashboard. It will include easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading integrations, and allow you to customize advanced alerts to your satisfaction.
🔌 Connect With Us 🔌
⚖️ Tokenomics: ⚖️ —————-——— 💫 Ownership Renounced ✅ Contract Verified via BSC 💦 Initial Liquidity = 2 BNB 💰 Supply = 100B 🔥 Initial Burn = 40% 🔒 LP Locked 💰 Dev. Wallets = NONE 💰 Marketing Wallet = 5% ✨ Redistribution To Holders = 5% 💧 Liquidity Fee = 4%
💨 TX Fee = 9% 🍌 Slippage = 11-15%
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2022.01.29 09:54 silentrob32 Xbox? No thanks, I prefer sleep...

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2022.01.29 09:54 obiwinkenobi ITAP of a Black Jaguar

ITAP of a Black Jaguar submitted by obiwinkenobi to itookapicture [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 09:54 csgraber Ouch - Alarm went off with a sneeze

I'm up early, alarm stay is armed. I'm in my computer room.
I sneeze, as one happens
The alarm immediately triggers. . .I triggered the glass break
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2022.01.29 09:54 Chopper_the_genocide Jawa don’t.

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