So C724 Information Systems Management...

2021.12.05 16:56 Tenrou96 So C724 Information Systems Management...

Is the absolute worst class I have taken with WGU. I withdrew about 4 years ago due to work and finally decided to come back only to get this dumpster fire as my first course.
I have a year to finish 20 courses and they want me to spend a minimum of 6 weeks on this one?
I've tried reading the material but it's like someone who never touched a piece of technology wrote it.
Looking at previous posts I've seen several different study methods and am leaning towards skipping the text and just studying flashcards nonstop for a few days before trying the PA then OA.
Any other methods you all have used to get through this course?
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2021.12.05 16:56 realsonicrealreal patrick what the fuck have you done

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2021.12.05 16:56 absumo White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary on Pandemic, Gun Control, and More

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2021.12.05 16:56 brickie3 It cost me my sanity and about 3 hours of trying (I hate you Aqua Ring) but I did it!

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2021.12.05 16:56 dominonft 🚨The World of Domino NFT Project Announcement🚨

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2021.12.05 16:56 Mandarin_Karim A rather Thoughtful fella

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2021.12.05 16:56 ImpressiveMilk9279 Might get Three B's by the end of my First Semester

GPA after this period will be about a 3.7 (Thinking my class rank will still stay at 6/360).
Will be applying to highly selective colleges. 35 ACT.
B's may be in AP Calc AB, AP Gov, and AP Stats (Might get an A in AP Stats depending on how well I do on semester exam).
Classes include:
AP Calc AB
AP Gov
AP Stats
AP Lit
AP Environmental
Dual Enrollment Abnormal Psychology
Dual Enrollment Child Psychology
Dual Enrollment Microeconomics
Dual Enrollment Human Anatomy

Can my course rigor make up for this, or may these AOs look bad on 2 (potentially 3) B's?
Also just came out of a 5-persion car crash that had given me a multitude of injuries; and that had somewhat contributed to the B's.
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2021.12.05 16:56 StormSwitch How come BFV got the first big content patch (season 1) in less than a month after launch while 2042 will have to wait 2 and a half months since launch to actually get new content?

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2021.12.05 16:56 NoodleFlavored How many members of the Seven do we know of so far?

We have the Foundation (played by the Rock), the Scientist (played by Joel McHale), the Visitor, and the Paradigm, but that’s only 4 of 7. Do we have any lore on the other 3 members? Like what they’re named or where they are?
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2021.12.05 16:56 gryank14 Teacher Understanding the Assignment

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2021.12.05 16:56 Specific-bike-1 ACC wifi issues - easy fix!

Hi all, I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding the wifi issues. Ive had them too. To fix it I just went to Walmart and bought a $30 Linksys WiFi router.
Plug the new router into the Cox-Cisco box which should be under the tv stand and you’re done. I’ve had no wifi issues since.
Theres a couple other posts saying the same thing but just thought I’d say it too in case anyone missed it.
-VCDN resident
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2021.12.05 16:56 D4WgT0Wn These pants plz?

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2021.12.05 16:56 ialwaysfindsomthing last week’s 5x5! always open to suggestions!

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2021.12.05 16:56 youtuber00 Twitch

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2021.12.05 16:56 Throwaway-----88888 Doing cum tribs (mom, sis, daughter, cousin, aunt)

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2021.12.05 16:56 04262013GMmg Day at the dog park. My beautiful girl!

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2021.12.05 16:56 Better_Mastodon2256 How to make money on difference of price on different networks

How to make money on difference of price on different networks Hi guys!
I love making a fast buck, I want to share one idea with you.
I really respect Hashbon Rocket project - it is the first ever cross-chain DEX. The bottom line is that their HASH token is issued on two different networks (ERC-20 and BEP-20) and is sold on Pancakeswap and Uniswap.
The volume is still low, but the price on different networks may be different enough to be profitable.
Here's what I've been doing:
I go to Pancakeswap and buy 30.000 HASH
And then I sell it on Uniswap
Of course, you need to take commissions into account and the difference in rates. But I must say right away that this this method is most profitable when large sums are involved.
Don't thank)
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2021.12.05 16:56 Classic-Couple5246 Couples that could’ve worked but suffered due to terrible writing

Dan and Vanessa. Hear me out on this one. The best relationships start off with a friendship first and then a relationship and they could’ve worked but the writers made Vanessa have this weird annoying obsession over Dan and have Dan always make her a second option
Serena and Nate. I know a lot of people ship Serena and Nate (i think they’re overrated), i think they had some cute moments but Serena always loved Dan more and never opened up to nate. Maybe if they were written better I could understand why people love them so much.
Nate and Jenny. I hated how Jenny tired to break up Nate and Serena and how Vanessa stole Jenny’s letter which destroyed any real chance they could have had.
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2021.12.05 16:56 Low-Enthusiasm-6568 Korra is 8 months old today! Crazy to think how she was so small when I brought her home at 8 weeks

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2021.12.05 16:56 hugo-gg I had my first road rage today

Im usually a very calm person whos really hard to make angry, even in things like traffic in which everyone else loses their head but I usually keep calm in like 99% of cases.
But today I had a very unpleasant experience and ended up in some kind of road rage I guess. I was driving in a long straight street which has 3 enormous speed bumps and 2 give the way to pedestrian things.
Well I was driving 30 mph (speed limit) and there was a guy behind me in a SUV who was getting closer and closer because he wanted me to go faster or something I guess and in some point he was no more than 5 inches to my car pressing me to go faster and I wouldnt (there wasnt more people ahead of us or coming towards us, he could have passed me calmly with no issue) and then he passes me at a fucking insane speed maybe 55 or more mph and I fucking lost it
In that same street there has been multiple people ran over because of idiots like him, hes the fucking reason for the speed bumps
As he was passing me I spammed the horn for like 10 seconds, and then he was ahead of me in a red light. I started getting closer and closer while making the engine growl, and as soon as the green light turned on I pressed the horn again for like 5 seconds and everytime I was close to him I made the engine growl like hell, he tried to pass the guy ahead of him the same way he did with me but couldnt because that guy didnt let him and I kept getting closer and closer to him until the next red light where I did the same until he speed off in a different direction than mine.
Obviously wasnt looking to insult or hurt him in any way, im not that kind of guys who fist fight over traffic, but the rudeness and agresiveness of him trying to make me to go faster, putting myself or potencially others at risk or risking myself to get a ticket made me angry (is worth noting that I was in a car and he was in a SUV as mentioned before, so I had to reduce the speed more than him to take the speed bump for obvious reasons) and I fucking love to make rude people upset or uncomfortable by bothering them but at the same time I think I gave him the pleasure of seeing me angry, I dont really like getting angry over stupid things because I feel dumb later, and this is being the case at this very moment
This is the best place I could think of to write this, I hope im not breaking any rule
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2021.12.05 16:56 yazzularts [Accelerated calculas: college course] maximum revenue problems (there is no cheating i already submitted this timed quiz hrs ago just need help understanding the solving steps for this word problem) thank you!

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2021.12.05 16:56 WhiskedIgloo I am trying to find a robot-Bunny avatar I saw once made by a spiral knights artist

From what I remember, one of the artists that worked on Spiral Knights has made an avatar for VRChat and it's available for sale. The Avatar is a Robot-Bunny with a TV for a face and a white, mechanical body. I believe the body also had a mechanical tail.
The pictures demonstrating the Avatar's look was taken in this beautiful, green, grassy expanse of land and there was some kind of art style applied to the grass and body. The style gave it a pastel-like look.
I have researched into Ian McConville and it has not been fruitful. If it's not Ian, then I don't know which Spiral Knights artist it could have been as Ian is known to be on the VRChat team and is the former lead art director for Spiral Knights. I do know it was one of them though because that's what I remember from the Twitter post advertising the avatar.
This Credits page lists the Art Team of Spiral Knights: I believe I've been thorough in checking Ian McConville for any commissions he might have made available and, as I said, those searches have not been fruitful. Which Spiral Knights artist made the robo-bunny avatar? I do not know. Please help me.
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2021.12.05 16:56 simp0824 INTO1 UPDATES: Current happening as of (11.29-12.05) (2021) Part 2 (12.02-12.05)

UPDATES: Current happening as of (12.05.2021)
NOTE: THIS IS PART 2, so you can read PART 1 HERE
DISCLAIMER: This post might accidentally miss some stuff unintentionally so feel free to comment down some of the things we missed
Hey, it’s your update again! So here’s your update or should I say continuation of the update:
-INTO is confirmed to attend TMEA 2021 on the 11th of December, you can read about it HERE (12.02)

-INTO1 was filming something today in sweaters (12.02)
-INTO1 released new vids promoting ChunzhenXDimoo (12.02)
-INTO1 was filming something again today (12.03)
-INTO1 has a new promo vid and promo posters with Chunzhen (the yoghurt lol) HERE (12.04)
-Most of the boys are flying today to prepare for their performance and partial guesting for the Honor of Kings variety finals — (Liu Yu, Santa, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan were seen flying) (Jiayuan,Patrick,Keyu and AK had work prior to this and will be flying much later) (12.04)
-The boys had rehearsals today though a bit late for some, it seems like they’re performing a new choreography today. I’m assuming it’s the new group song. I saw leaks and I’m curious as to how it looks, it does sound very traditional, I think I heard a tiger’s roar somewhere and traditional sounding martial arts sounds if that makes sense HAHA — this idk if this is allowed or not but this was a snippet I found on twt, as for weibo leaks I won’t be linking them.(12.04)
-ITS CONFIRMED INTO1 is performing a chinese song today probably the new song in their album based on their outfits HERE — IM SO EXCITED, fans on site said they performed two songs the chinese style one and into the fire, they said the Chinese style one was pretty fire (12.05)
-INTO1 will be having a live with Chunzhen today (12.06)
-🍉3pp(Chinese) x Variety Show filming Dec. 8-9 (12.03) — went of weibo to check the gua and saw that most commenters were saying LYLMZJY (168) line or LMZJYZKY (6810) line but take that with a grain of salt.
-🍉Jiayuan x new deal (12.03)
-🍉Liu Yu new variety show (12.05)
(All sourced from @CoupDeFoudreLY will link separately if not from this acc)
((•Liu Yu•))
-L’Occitane updated a new photo of Liu Yu for Christmas (12.02)
-Liu yu updated douyin with a cute vid as always HERE (12.04)
-Santa updated for Tom Ford x GQ HERE (12.03)
-Santa updated weibo and twt with cool new pics 😎 HERE (12.04)
-It’s almost Christmas time, can I make my Christmas wish be Riki returning soon 😣
MIKA Xiaohongshu (RED) UPDATES: 3—, 4
-Mika updated instagram with new pics HERE (12.03)
-Nine updated weibo with BW photos HERE (12.02)
-Nine updated insta and xhs with new pics HERE (12.04)
-Nine will be having a live for Valentino on Taobao on 12.07 more info HERE (12.05)
((•Lin Mo•))
-Lin mo teaser photo for 超Nice大会 is HERE (12.03)
-Lin mo was featured in Nine’s IG story HERE- cutie (12.04)
-Coach released a teaser and guess who it is HERE hehe happy for our momo🥰 (12.05)
((•Bo Yuan•))
-Bo Yuan updated kuaishou with a cute vid HERE (12.02)
-Bo Yuan updated weibo with new photos HERE (12.03)
-Jiayuan updated douyin with the lightsaber infinity challenge and kuaishou with a Santa costume HERE (12.03)
-Patrick updated his IG story saying good morning! HERE (12.02)
-Patrick updated his **Weibo,Instagram, xiaohongshu and Twitter with pics — same outfit different pics idk this boi is lazy or what HAHAA (12.03)
-FENDI updated new photos with Keyu in it sporting winter attire (12.02)
-AK was featured in Pat’s IG story HERE - cuties (12.02)
-AK HAD A LIVE HOUSE FOR COOL CHINA TODAY— had a lot of fun seeing him perform (12.04)— he performed:
Genuinely loved seeing him perform, he did so well 👏
—— And that’s it for our update this week! Sorry if I missed a lot on 12.05 updates, I went to the lowest part of my emo phase since my THE9 girls are officially disbanded on paper ;-; and even until the end they’re mismanaged by the company. I wanna bawl my eyes out cuz even the girls themselves don’t know when to officially remove the group name for good since things aren’t clear enough and everything is left on a question mark. their Graduation vcr has me plus their messages to each other on their weibo posts. I really can’t bring myself to part and say goodbye 😞 (me really emo because we’re talking about a two year attachment to a group that were my source of happiness during my lowest point during the pandemic so 😭 note you will still see them together this december or january due to some group stuff that got postponed but as of 12.05 their group has been officially dissolved, this would be the last time I’ll ever bring them up on an update post apologies)
Minor question: I got a suggestion in the dms today saying that I should stop these update posts. Because according to the suggester even if they want to post an SNS post of a member on the sub they don’t because it will coincide with my update post. In my opinion, it’s completely fine for you to post SNS posts of members on the sub as long as you follow the proper title guidelines (dates and other specifics), flair guidelines and link the original source properly. In fact it makes my job easier, since I’ll just link your post in these update posts. But if the majority of you want me to stop its completely fine with me either way. (was suggested on 12.03)
What do you guys think?
Also would love to see your reactions and discussions on the latest updates specifically them performing the Chinese style song rather early hehe, I’m excited to be honest because I keep seeing posts saying ut was pretty lit and I’m dying of curiosity
Thank u for reading
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2021.12.05 16:56 Due-Junket-4473 qui rp

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2021.12.05 16:56 Juggaloguy H: 10k caps W: 10k Ultracite plasma cartridges

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