literally what the fuck

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2021.12.05 16:43 legallyanarsonist literally what the fuck

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2021.12.05 16:43 EndoNGB One of my best grappling hook plays, nothing special but absolutely amazing in the moment

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2021.12.05 16:43 Halkaramov2019 Buy Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner online from Luxenmart Buy here: Make your job easier! Feature: Stoc...

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2021.12.05 16:43 miskurious Is it possible to recreate this in-game? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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2021.12.05 16:43 DQAEBOFTKD Is there a list of labor laws for my state where I can search if my employers labor practices break the law?

There is a lot of "wage holding until termination/resignation" and a lot of unpaid on call "responsibilities" going on. Just trying to see if it's all legal.
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2021.12.05 16:43 landmark666 2021 6MT Premium VS 2021 CVT Sport

Hi friends, been lurking here for a little bit seeing how you folks have enjoyed and used your Crosstreks in different ways. The model always appealed to me as a lifted, more capable Impreza but I was never too impressed with the 2 Liter.

Few years back I had the opportunity to drive about 150 miles in a 2016 Crosstrek, this was a 2.0 liter version with a 5 speed. It felt like a comfy little car, a squishy, yet taller Impreza. Most of the drive was highway, ran the gears high and hot. Was very unimpressed with the power. Not to discount the car, which I found to be a delight!

Currently, I am shopping around to replace my 2012 SH Forester 5MT with a new Subaru. It is a solid piece but I am looking for a new car, decent warranty from a somewhat decent dealership. Test drove almost every model. Loved the WRX enough to almost pull the trigger but hated the low ground clearance, lack of storage space and how it is primarily designed for street scootin'. I spend a lot of free time driving to middle of nowhere forests and camping, hauling camera and other outdoor gear. Recently test drove a 2021 Crosstrek sport with the 2.5 liter. Seemed to have a decent amount of pep compared to the 16' I drove a couple years ago. Was pleased to see the waterproof seats, a little more cargo room ( though less than my current forester). Seemed like a decent unit for what I am looking for.

Those of you with the 2.0 6 Speed versions, how do they fair, any pros/cons to write home about? I like the cheaper price though it lacks the sport trim, not the end of the world. Those of you with the 2.5 Automatic sport, any thoughts on those? Anyone have a solid comparison of both? Looking for some feedback before pulling the trigger!

Side note, I am currently on my 3rd Subaru. Had a 97 OBS, 2005 WRX wagon, 2012 Forester.
Best wishes from the North.
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2021.12.05 16:43 MaxineFinnFoxen what is the max render distance your render distance can be set to? (bedrock only please) i'm trying to figure out the average player render distance capability to scale my builds correctly.

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2021.12.05 16:43 shivers_96 What a bonkers race

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2021.12.05 16:43 driverdodo Its so annoying. So playground if you see this please fix it.

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2021.12.05 16:43 ninjaboi6490 Cayo b2b

I have hard on PD and 4 gold I can do it like 5 times each
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2021.12.05 16:43 Real-Principle1972 Jet2 Boeing 737-300 Take Off from Newcastle Airport

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2021.12.05 16:43 vyllek Two annoyances in Premiere related to multiple bins and workspaces

Annoyance one! I will often work with more than one bin open. I'm sure many here do the same. For example, I will have my main project window showing all the bins, then another bin in its own panel for stringouts, another for audio, etc. This is great when working with dual screens. Problem is when I dig around within any given bin into other bins Premiere has a hierarchy system that will not allow me to dig around if another bin in its own panel has an open bin that relates to the bin I'm digging into. If this is confusing I found a link to a a video shared by another editor that best points out the issue.
Annoyance two! This adds to my first annoyance. When switching between workspaces wherever my bins were set in the panels are not returned to where they were. This means I have to dig through and get them back to where they were. Even if I tried to save the layout but updating the workspace.
Anyone else annoyed by either or both of these? What's your workaround?
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2021.12.05 16:43 Saucydonuts How is raising a puppy so easy for other people?

I have an acquaintance and she got a German shepherd puppy back in March of this year. She told me she would hardly take the dog outside for walks. I would see them take it to the potty area of our apartment to use the bathroom instead. I thought it was cool as long as the dog is getting exercise at home, it should be fine. Since I know gsds are high energy and if not stimulated, that would led to bad behavior and barking but I haven’t heard their dog barking since I noticed they brought it home. Come to find out, she tells me that she doesn’t really exercise her dog (I ask how she tires her dog out) and she said her dog just plays with itself.
I asked her that question because I have a small breed puppy who isn’t even a high energy breed and whom gets daily walks, yet still gets into things and makes a mess in the home. I needed some advice of what to do but it seems my puppy needs more stimulation than hers. And hers is a GSD. Well he doesn’t even play by himself so I’m outta luck. I also asked about training and she said she never trained it. Yet based on what I saw her dog is way more behaved than my reactive puppy. Whom I have taken out on walks since he was about 10 weeks old and I doubt she has socialized her dog with the outside world including dogs or people. (Unless someone else in her family did). Yet it’s way more confident than my dog.
I am slightly jealous because it seems like I’m trying to do all the right things yet my puppy is still way more poorly behaved than hers and she didn’t even try as much (based on what she told me). Not only that, she recently got another gsd puppy but slightly younger than the first one. Idk how they got so lucky..and they’re first time dog owners. I’m not. I have an adult dog too. To be fair, I got her as an adult not a puppy so I didn’t deal with raising her into an adult.
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2021.12.05 16:43 Naoconsigopensar Alguém pra trocar foto do pau e gozar junto

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2021.12.05 16:43 Mar-Kiss Bindings for side country ski

I gotta ask. For newer lighter twin tip free ride skis (sego big horn or ON3P Jeffery for example) what is the optimal binding? Think of skis that are 90/10 resort and really only slapping on skins to access some nicer side country.
Essentially I’ve found little discussing the actual quality of ride/safety difference between something like a Look pivot 14 and a shift 13 binding.
Any thoughts or hot takes on this? Is a dedicated resort binding still miles ahead on performance? Can you confidently take your shift binding to the park after? Are the compromises really that bad?
Happy to clarify more to keep the conversation going.
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2021.12.05 16:43 Wooden-Alternative46 Watch People Die Inside - Episode #20 - Laugh Daily Meme

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2021.12.05 16:43 drumtrackartist How can I get Harmony Os on my Huawei y9a

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2021.12.05 16:43 svanapps BitMart Exchange hacked as hackers steal $150 million

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2021.12.05 16:43 kappapma Self-Critical / Self Doubt as an INFP

Hi guys , Im an infp who has farely low self esteem and sruggle with self-Critical / Self doubt.
I find that i often have an issue trying to compare myself to every single one human being in the world, and i only focus on how “good and better” they are than a potato like me
It cost me alot of trouble since i always just decide to lock myself and run away feeling emotional and hope to have someone to share and talked to but im not really good at talking and sometimes i will become overly attached and hope someone would really appreciate me and listen to me .
Recently, i met someone whos an INFJ. She’s really sweet , caring and i really enjoy spending time with her and wanted to get close to her. Time to time i will constantly read things like INFJ and INFP as partners and research alot between this two relationships. We got along quite well and i really feel me infront of her. But recently she went abroad for studies, even tho is just a short time around 8 months. Understanding that she might be busy as she just landed there fewdays ago need to settle things down and etc etc
Just feeling sad that didint get any msges from her and it makes me just think im not worthy again especially for someone so perfect like her.
This issue really affect my life alot , i feel that my whole life is just a mess , i have no motivations and plans to move on things.
(Im so sorry for my bad grammars and english and the topic may be really really off, i just bad at expressing what i want to say. Thanks for reading )
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2021.12.05 16:43 MawzirMoon 🌮😺OPERATION BlueChipTaco started !!! The TacoCat Company wants to get this Hashtag trending within the next 14 days on TWITTER !!! If you want to to take part in this Operation, consider to use the Hashtag BlueChipTaco on your Tweets the next 14 Days !!! THANK YOU !!!🌮😺

🌮😺OPERATION BlueChipTaco started !!! The TacoCat Company wants to get this Hashtag trending within the next 14 days on TWITTER !!! If you want to to take part in this Operation, consider to use the Hashtag BlueChipTaco on your Tweets the next 14 Days !!! THANK YOU !!!🌮😺 submitted by MawzirMoon to NFTtrade [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 16:43 AccomplishedKale9803 My boyfriend (30M) keeps making jokes that makes me (20F) uncomfortable.

Okay I’m going to get straight to the point. We’ve been together for 3 months.
So we joke a lot to each-other. Like for instance the first night I slept over he accidentally elbowed me in bed and it resulted to a black eye. So now we make jokes about the black-eye.
But over the past months as I’ve started to stay at his house a lot and began to open up about personal issues. I feel like he thinks it’s okay to joke around with it.
So I’m a college student; obviously I can’t fund my own apartment and car. There’s a family friend (he’s known me since I was 6 year old) that helps me with paying things off. Occasionally if I have a little bit of money; I’ll send it to my family friend.
Joke #1
But my boyfriend thought it was okay to say something along the lines of “it’s not even your car” type of joke and I got offended. 1) the car is under my name. 2) the loan for the car is under my name. 3) I’m also a 20 year old active in school that has 0 family participation.
Joke #2
He got a new job and it requires him to give up admin to his phone. Which requires him to no longer have a pin but a mile long password. Sometimes I use his phone to look at Reddit when mines too far away (I know I’m literally lazy) and sometimes I use his phone for Apple Music. He said “if you keep forgetting my password, guess you’ll never know if I’m actually cheating on you or not”. Which again, didn’t sit right.
*Background * So there’s a bit of background you should all know. He still talks to a girl that rejected him (she said he was too old for her). However she has a boyfriend. My boyfriend said the girl’s boyfriend felt uncomfortable about him. So therefore the girl stopped talking to him. But as we are going out, he sent pictures of my animals to her trying to start a conversation. I confronted him about that (his message board popped up on his computer, so of course I kept reading); confused as to why reach out to someone that doesn’t want to talk to you. He argues that she has 0 friends and etc… As he now started posting about me (on snap); she messages him often. Usually it’s about me (she’s a woman in tech too and wants me to come to some group thing). Anyhow during a conversation he said something like “my girlfriend is jealous/worried about you” (I can’t remember the exact words; or maybe he said I was worried about her). Anyhow her response to that seemed sweet but I didn’t appreciate him saying that. I felt like he threw my emotions out and felt terrible. I confronted him and told him that wasn’t right. That it was god awful wrong, and I cried. I mentioned it to a coworker (he has a gf) and he said what in the right mind gave him the idea to say such thing. To be fair our recent discussions has been about her. And I don’t like it; I have never stayed in touch with a crush.
Why does he still? I know(or at-least) want to believe he would never cheat (considering I’m on his insurance) and he always tells me he loves me and shows affection.
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2021.12.05 16:43 coffeeguy6 Pripyat, Ukraine

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2021.12.05 16:43 HappyDayes Trying to find the title of this Winnie the Pooh picture book about favourite colours!

I'm looking to find the title of a children's board book featured in the 2015 Tumblr post concerning Pooh's favourite colour. There is only one image in the post and it shows the book open, on one side the text reads, "Then Pooh says, "Yellow -- like honey. That's my favorite color." On the opposite page, there is a Disney illustration of Pooh eating honey within a purple gingham border. (I will link the image of the book in the comments.)
The spelling indicates that this book was published in America, and the tumblr post shows that it was published pre-May 2015. Disney started creating Pooh merchandise after the first film was released in 1966, but I don't suspect that the book is quite that old, as it seems to be in mint condition in the 2015 image, and the character design of Pooh is very refined, which it wasn't in the late 60s.
I assumed that this would have been from the 1995 book, "Winnie-the-Pooh's colors" but this book utilises the original E.H Shepard illustrations and not the Disney character designs.
There is another book entitled "Disney's Winnie the Pooh Colors (Learn and Grow) Board book" which was released in 1999 and does utilise Disney illustrations as well as being a board book. However, the dimensions of this book, according to Amazon, are: 10.77 x 1.12 x 14.63 cm. This, as well as the cover image, indicates that the book is portrait and not square, as it is in the image. There are also no images of the inside of this book on the internet that I could find, but this is the closest book I could find. There are several other books entitled some variant of "Pooh's colours" but the majority of them use the E.H Shepard illustrations.
Another solution is that the book may not be based on colours, but instead favourite things. There is a hardback book titled "Winnie the Pooh favourites" however this uses the British spelling of the word which contradicts the inside of the book I'm searching for. It is also not square, nor a board book.
The original Tumblr user who posted this image also hasn't been active since 2017. If anyone could find the title of this book I would be extremely grateful. Also, if at all possible, it would be incredibly helpful if someone could tell me the precise page of the book that this image is showing. Thanks very much in advance!
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2021.12.05 16:43 312578 Exam FM ADAPT EL

To those who have passed exam FM,

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2021.12.05 16:43 seacobs Most of the prettiest women according to Google are at best a 5/10

What the fucking fuck? Are you blind, you motherfuckers?
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