Halo Wars: Definitive Edition PC (How to play 2 PLAYER SPLIT-SCREEN CO-OP) Nucleus Coop Tutorial

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2021.12.05 17:54 Witty_Possible9413 Halo Wars: Definitive Edition PC (How to play 2 PLAYER SPLIT-SCREEN CO-OP) Nucleus Coop Tutorial

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2021.12.05 17:54 Chappers280 Upgrading my base

I'm quite new to the game (TH5) should I focus more on upgrading buildings or my town hall?
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2021.12.05 17:54 scarlettryrie trib me? 🥺

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2021.12.05 17:54 RalisNoodle Jessie's remodel isn't bad

I know the tides have calmed since the remodel first came out, but I still feel the need to say it isn't that fricking bad guys! like, ok, the eyes are a little big, but jessie is young! would you like a jessie remodel who's 8 feet tall with 6 pack abs and anime eyes? probably not! that's all I wanted to say, thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2021.12.05 17:54 cryptobirdy 🦍 Prime Apes 🦍 is MINTING NOW! UPVOTE ⬆️ and join our Discord for a chance to 🏆WIN🏆over $350,000 in ETH prizes 💰 and FREE Prime Ape NFTs! Discord link in the comments!

🦍 Prime Apes 🦍 is MINTING NOW! UPVOTE ⬆️ and join our Discord for a chance to 🏆WIN🏆over $350,000 in ETH prizes 💰 and FREE Prime Ape NFTs! Discord link in the comments! submitted by cryptobirdy to NFTExchange [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:54 safbeu Join the T33N L34K5 8 - 17 Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 17:54 PrimaryConcept9325 Labswap ⚗️$LAB | Low Market Cap | DeFi Platform Release 24th December 17:00pm ‎(UTC) | Organic Grow | Next x100 | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | Don't miss this rocket $LAB 🚀

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The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
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2021.12.05 17:54 deadaccbynone vsserv.exe tmp files

my antivirus program picked up that the vsserv.exe created a tmp file and it got triggered/targeted by the virus, is it safe to remove/delete the .exe?
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2021.12.05 17:54 jaymar01 School's out, forever? Amid COVID spike, many Bulgarian students back online For third school year

School's out, forever? Amid COVID spike, many Bulgarian students back online For third school year submitted by jaymar01 to Coronavirus [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:54 EllieVader Some island, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Some island, Penobscot Bay, Maine submitted by EllieVader to sailing [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:54 ExpertAccident Yummy

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2021.12.05 17:54 noviaccou Brim Financial Referral Code 73573 - $10 Sign up Bonus

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2021.12.05 17:54 GeneralPidgeon screw perception

all my homies use pretrained/RGB divide/STC divide
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2021.12.05 17:54 That_weebxx300 Double Rog on the floor 🗿🗿

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2021.12.05 17:54 NavyFish21 Are Cressi men’s wetsuits any good?

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2021.12.05 17:54 orchidandsmoke 20 F Seeking Anonymous Witchy Penpal - Email or Snail Mail

Ever wished you had a friend to help brainstorm a spell? Get a second opinion on a tarot spread? Share last night's ghost scare?
For me, witchcraft is a space for spirit and imagination that I keep separate from everyday life. It isn't something I talk about in my community, so I am looking for a like-minded penpal to share discoveries and progress with. If you're looking for an accountability partner or co-conspirator, read on!
If you are interested in snail mail, I'd like to swap spells, trinkets, recipes, and the like. I enjoy making artistic and themed letters; I love an excuse to use wax, perfume and charmed ink. To start with though, I'd like to exchange some emails or online messages so we can get a sense of each other's style and preferences. I'm also fine with staying virtual!
I do work with some divinities, mostly from Egyptian and Judeo-Christian traditions. I lean secular with my beliefs, but I respect all religious systems and am always curious to learn more. Right now I am experimenting with amulets and charms, as well as building dream recall.
I'd be most comfortable with a girl around my age - bonus points if you are a student, as we'll have a lot in common. I'd like to use pen names and keep the focus on witchcraft (hence "anonymous" in the title).
As for other information, I love all things mysterious and spooky, movies and podcasts especially. My interests include psychology, art, and languages. I'm also a massive bookworm! I play guitar and look for haunted locations in my free time.
If you've made it this far, why not shoot me a message? I'd love to hear about your beliefs and goals with witchcraft, and maybe hit it off as penpals!
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2021.12.05 17:54 MadMuffin22 When people want to know why I'm obsessed with this game

When people want to know why I'm obsessed with this game submitted by MadMuffin22 to NoMansSkyTheGame [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 17:54 WallStreetDoesntBet Omicron Can’t Stop The Metaverse

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2021.12.05 17:54 lifeisreallygoodnow Boarding up windows, generators, must-have's in car for Hurricane season?

For all you Florida champions who are as hard as nails and as savvy than most in America because you've lived through multiple hurricanes.

  1. Do you have both a portable generator and one built into the house? And if so what wattage is a must?
  2. Are there any key items you think are a must to have in your car just in case you have to leave fast and if so what are yours? (blanket, flashlight, bottled water, types of food, 72 hour bug-out bag, etc )
  3. Do you find most folks board up their windows with plywood if they are evacuating or staying...or is that only businesses?
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2021.12.05 17:54 yautja_cetanu Anyone got any good ideas of resources for helping implement a mentoring scheme?

Was thinking of getting this book but does anyone else have any ideas of good resources they would recommend?
I'm particularly interested in understanding the drivers and motivations behind mentoring schemes to try and understand how they would apply to my business (and present this to my boss). Being able to finely tune the specifics of our mentoring scheme to the unique challenges of my industry (Property management) is important and also its got to be relevant to the UK.
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2021.12.05 17:54 andymigre2 Weird Daily Mixes

Are anyone else's daily mixes extremely weird and put together artists and genres that just don't flow? I'm not sure what kind of algorithm puts numetal with some corny ass tik tok "indie" bullshit. My daily mixes shouldn't go from Deftones to fucking Mac Demarco.
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2021.12.05 17:54 WTFWFT1 Who to Start

View Poll
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2021.12.05 17:54 amay25 Santa Pug

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2021.12.05 17:54 SeanR3205 Would you reccomended romancing saga 3 to a jrpg newcomer

The only jrpgs I've player are final fantasy 7, persona 4, and persona 5. I saw the game on sale on switch for €10, but I didnt want to buy it before asking around a little. Also is there another saga game you'd reccomended instead
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2021.12.05 17:54 SpaceLover1969 🚀 PUSSYROCKET ($PUSSY) | The Fastest Way To Wealth 💰 | BNB Passive Income | DeFi Gem | Low Market Cap 🔥 | ELON TWEETED! | Amazing & Experienced Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 🚀

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Elon shout out! https://postimg.cc/Vddf2zKD
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