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Still troubles 10 months later

2021.10.25 10:53 kopplar Still troubles 10 months later

Hi all,
First post on this subreddit! I quit drinking 10 months ago after I finally had enough. I drank from around 16 to 23 with it not causing issues until the final 2 years that was also the period in which I drank the greatest amount. I can’t begin to explain the amount of issues that it started causing, both physical and mental, which prompted me to cut it out. The biggest problem it caused for me was that it absolutely destroyed my ability to concentrate deeply on a task. All my activities I’ve learned to enjoy in life required quite a bit of focus so I’m very disheartened I’m having troubles with it. Since quitting I’ve noticed a drastic change in my mood but for some reason I still fall into periods of deep depression that last weeks and am currently stuck in one now. I’m hopeful this will improve with some time but one thing keeps me worrying: will my concentration also return? I want it back so badly so I can return to enjoying my regular activities. I hope I didn’t screw up my brain so bad it’s permanently like this. I’ve read posts from other redditors whove shared similar problems and said it took a year or longer to noticeably improve. What was your experience for the time it took to improve cognitively after quitting? Did anyone still struggle with their mood after this amount of time?
Thanks in advance for your taking the time to respond to these worries.
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2021.10.25 10:53 watan592 تعميم مهم بشأن نقل "زيت الزيتون" عبر معبر الكرامة

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2021.10.25 10:53 cryptoallbot MapdApps: A decentralized mapping protocol built on Ethereum

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2021.10.25 10:53 switchbladeone 43 new COVID-19 cases, one new death in Windsor-Essex over three days

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2021.10.25 10:53 ZaRaWi Do we work with hydrogen?

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2021.10.25 10:53 No-Regular-4107 Baylar kızla bulustuk ona hediye verdim kolye sonra filme girdik birazda yürüdük yani 7-8 saat boyunca birlikteydikte hic el ele tutamadik öpüşmedik bir sey yapmadık. Kiz yaptigim her espriye güldü ama seviyor mu sevmiyor mu hicbir fikrim yok

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2021.10.25 10:53 Bullish_No_Bull Gamestop using "TSC Miami" for delivering

I am not sure if this was being posted before but just to give u an idea on how big GameStop is getting.
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2021.10.25 10:53 ratadeacero So my parents own a restaurant and this is their latest food pic of stuffed chicken breasts for their socials. Should I let them know….?

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2021.10.25 10:53 mslulilala 1 Tag in der schönsten Stadt-Was tun?

Hallo, Bin nächste Woche für nen guten Tag zu Besuch in Halle und frag mich was man so machen könnte. Hat die Schwarmintelligenz da vielleicht irgendwelche Anregungen? Moritzburg, Landesmuseum und so kenn ich schon. Danke schon mal im Vorraus!
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2021.10.25 10:53 Legitimate-Exit-9148 very very important question

do y’all sleep with socks on or off?
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2021.10.25 10:53 nickborowitz HP Envy 360 Convertible - Doesn't see SSD

So one of our schools ordered these HP Envy 360 convertible laptops with touch screens. I can use a USB NIC to get it to boot into SCCM but it cannot see the SSD.
I tried to install win10 from a bootable USB with the same issue so we got the drivers for the SSD and installed them into the windows 10 boot usb and added them through the GUI and it started to install.
Figuring this was the issue I injected them into the 64bit boot image, and tried again. No go. same issue. I found the 32 bit drivers and injected them into the 32bit boot image, same issue. No SSD. I then went to HP and Dell and got all their drivers and injected them all (which I know I shouldn't do but I wanted to try it anyways) still no SSD.
Anyone have this issue before and know what to do?
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2021.10.25 10:53 kevinowdziej Truly a horrific thought

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2021.10.25 10:53 SirToxalot 2 B.C. doctors linked to website selling bogus mask and vaccine exemption 'certificates' | CBC News

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2021.10.25 10:53 watan592 الاحتلال يخطر بوقف بناء 12 منزلاً في دوما

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2021.10.25 10:53 Matteo_Bloxburg Arizona Sen. Sinema 'most upset' for students filmed in activists' bathroom encounter

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2021.10.25 10:53 causticacrostic egg🤔irl

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2021.10.25 10:53 DaveTheBraveEh 1999, prepared for Y2K

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2021.10.25 10:53 Opposite-Vegetable88 🐶 DOGEMOON🌛 Just Launched | CoinMarketCap and Coingecko JUST Swapped 🚀| Successfully done audit by Solidity Finance 🤑 x1000 Gem

BIG IMPORTANT NEWS - Coinmarketcap stealth swap finally completed! Huge marketing campaings incoming 🤑
🔥Dogemoon is a passive yield mechanic charity token with Charities partnetship around the world!
Heavy promos are coming After stealth swap on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, which is done a few HOURS ago, so there is a chance to get in really early!!! 😏
DogeMoon is programmed to reward holders while at the same time increasing liquidity. 🤞
🚨Monthly donations to charities will be decided by community. These charities will help tackle real life issues around the world! 🚨
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🤫Solidity Finance Audit to ensure contract is safe for our investors🤫
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👏🏻Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success 👏🏻
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• 2% tax for Marketing & charity donations automatically turned into BNB to ensure no mass sell off
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Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE64739F8eC71d93c68E643AfBBE08eCfC1C9cAd6
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2021.10.25 10:53 DrH1983 In many ways I was happiest when I was "between" jobs

I'm 38 years old, have a steady job working in the same place for 5 years. I'm not on a high salary, being below average for someone my age but I don't really have, or desire, a lavish life.
I don't actually hate my job, though I frequently find myself doubting my abilities; a persistent imposter syndrome. I tend to get good feedback though I feel like I'm just sleepwalking through life most of the times.
Before this job I worked as a freelance illustrator / animator. I'm an okay artist, good enough, but absolutely hated the networking required to be successful in a gig based field of work.
Because of that I often had downtime between jobs. Sometimes I'd have no work for months and months. Even with the constant dread of financial worries, I think those were the happiest points of my life. It was not sustainable financially unfortunately.
But even now, working, or at least being present, for 37.5 hours a week, I'm still financially stressed I do wonder what the fucking point of it all is. Honestly the thought of doing this until I die (realistic, given my low pension fund and basically being unable to save for a deposit) drives me to fucking despair
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2021.10.25 10:53 FavouriteKill What type of iPads are compatible with Traktor Kontrol S3?

I have a traktor kontrol s3 controller and when I use it, I connect it to a laptop. I tought that it would be easier to carry an iPad instead of a laptop when I dj somewhere. I don't want to spend too much money on a brand new iPad, so I just want to buy an old-used one, which can run my controller.
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2021.10.25 10:53 RoyalCharlotte WFL? Me: Wiltered Bouquet Them: Anti Horns

We did not do the trade cause she traded it for SF skirt but I would like to know if it wouldve been a good trade or not
View Poll
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2021.10.25 10:53 garrettk161 Working hard to feed the country

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2021.10.25 10:53 FACsneaker Air Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack ,The strongest comparison picture between fake and real is facsneaker

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2021.10.25 10:53 throwredditaway19 Rewatching Dexter and look who I found

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2021.10.25 10:53 kartik1123 I got kicked out of an internship but I had invested some money in buying a sim card that was told to me by my manager should I be getting reimbursement?

Back story, it was a startup and it was recruiting interns from colleges, I was given the job of buisness development intern so during one of my call I found out that the company may be a fraud I called someone who was an intern 5 months ago and the whole team of intern were let go without any information so coming to present time we were always told that there were more people in the company but the linkedin profile of the company Never showed it and no names were given to us for the same , even when we asked. Even my manager almost left twice saying his boss wasn't satisfied with work and he wasn't being paid (but later he was) and then I took a day off because we had some festivities and I told my manager that I might leave this month ( it being a 6 month internship) but it depends on how things unfold (I told him this when he had said that he's probably leaving the company by Tomorrow but he stayed) so now I could care less about the internship or the company but I had invested some monetary amount to buy that sim card what are the chances I get a reimbursement?
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