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"All Cops Are Bastards" (ACAB) from the antiwork Mods themselves. A lovely bunch of people with a lot going for them.

2021.10.25 09:54 Interesting_Mode5692 "All Cops Are Bastards" (ACAB) from the antiwork Mods themselves. A lovely bunch of people with a lot going for them.

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2021.10.25 09:54 H-P-Loveshaft I have to take a ^&%& Karen!

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2021.10.25 09:54 MiffedMoogle Evil Lord Shaxx

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2021.10.25 09:54 Nileperch75 Protecting the Great Lakes from Invasive Species-Silver Carp

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2021.10.25 09:54 jobsinanywhere Can I Buy an Auto Extended Warranty For a Toyota?

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2021.10.25 09:54 CloudiePianist2011 The fucking cat has seen enough now

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2021.10.25 09:54 Mythxcal Is Undead Siege still bugged?

Is Undead Siege good now? I saw there was an update this morning, so maybe they ironed out the bugs it had. I don't want to get on and play a match again just to waste my time if it doesn't work still, so can someone confirm for me?
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2021.10.25 09:54 Appropriate-Idea5281 Newbie questions. Just getting feet wet

I have about 2k invested right now and I put in about $50 a week. I have been mostly investigating in the big 2. I do have a little atom and avx.
My questions are:
I currently use Coinbase. Is there a better trading platform I should use?
I am interested in stable coin for a small nest egg I have. There are a bunch of stable coins any recommendations?
What are some easy to understand investing research applications out there? I don’t mind paying a small subscription fee.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 09:54 Nervock Transcendental Tails by CatbeeCache

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2021.10.25 09:54 BoxCarRac3r 31 [M4F] Lowkey, No Pressure

No pressure, chill lang kung kelan pwede. Open fo good random convos or even late replies.
Lets keep it downlow and no expectations. tara? lets get to know each other.
Hit me up with a food recommendation you want us to try?
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2021.10.25 09:54 AffectionateStudy925 🦁 X_LIONS_COIN 🦁 Stealth Launch 🦁 Listed On PancakeSwap 🦁Liquidity locked 🦁

🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁🦁 🦁 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

♥ Wellcom to X_LIONS_COIN (XLions/BNB) ♥

/-bome /-bome 10 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH

🌎 Telegram https://t.me/X_Lions_Coin

💥 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x8be9483d829d3d30f4cf87ca901f55c0f828efb0

💥 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0x8be9483d829d3d30f4cf87ca901f55c0f828efb0
💥 Deeplock: Lock LP 90 Days

✅ Why X_LIONS_COIN ? ✅

🔰 from other defi tokens as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding for long run . We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .

🔰 100% safu, long term legit project .

Potential Admin Team from all over the world

This token can definitely be next moonshot we have been waiting for.

Fast growing telegram 🔰

Giveaways at every single milestone .

Huge marketing coming once target holders is reached.

Tiktok influencers coming 🔰

Coinsniper ads soon🔰

Coinhunt ads soon

Liquidity pool has been forever burned 🔰 which means developers can’t rug anyone .

🔰100% verified contract 🔰
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2021.10.25 09:54 Squindexius ask me a question and when I answer edit it into anything you want

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2021.10.25 09:54 youngdigital Lockdown Radio – Restrictions Ease As Victoria Achieves 70% Double Vaxed

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2021.10.25 09:54 U308kool-aid Time to buy some U stocks at discount?

I see a few U stocks that have been underperforming their peers. Bannerman, ISO Energy, Appia, Deep Yellow, Peninsula, just to name a few. I'm thinking some of these would be good to take on some positions. What do you think?
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2021.10.25 09:54 atapas Introducing WebAPIs Playground - An app to play and learn Web APIs

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2021.10.25 09:54 Principle_Agile Irgendwie tut ßean mir schon leid...

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2021.10.25 09:54 TraditionalGoal422 Welcome to 🤿ScubaDoge🐕

🤿ScubaDoge🐕- ⏰ Listing On PancakeSwap now 🐳 Anti-Bot ❌ - 👑 X1000 Potential ✅ No Presale - Fair Launch🥰 - PooAds 💩 And Influencers📈
Let’s get real for a second. With Shitcoin’s launching everyday and also reddit and forums being spammed with these garbage coins everyday. Its hard to see which ones have true potential in the mist of the rubbish that is floating around…
The token will be promoted by the community and will be a community project where the value is given by the community by acquiring
👀 Is it safe? 👀
🔐 If you’re still worried about being rug-pulled have no worries. We will be locking the liquidity pool and will announce the contract before hand.
🔐 Everyone will be able to see the contract and be able to decide themselves. All investments are risks. Only put what you’re willing to lose.
🔥 Are You Ready? 🔥
🏆 We want you guys on board, so make sure to join our social links to stay notified! We want to be transparent as possible. If you have any questions please ask.
🔥 We’re looking forward to seeing you guys!
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Why 🤿ScubaDoge🐕?
✅ PooAds Coming Soon💩
✅ Anti-Whale🐳
✅ Low Market Cap, Initial Supply Lock 🔒 Of Just 15 BNB.💰
✅ +5.000 TeleGram Members in less than an HOUR ready to buy!
✅ This Coin Is realy Hot, automatically burns 2% on each transaction 🔥
✅ Ownership renounced
✅ Locked contract
✅ Fair launch, all tokens purchased
✅ Holders gain more tokens via reflection
✅ Each transaction has a portion auto locked raising the price floor
✅ Contract renounced (token is out of the control of the dev team).
✅ 50% of supply "burned" at launch - halving the total supply immediately.
✅ Liquidity pool locked.
✅ Contract verified on BSC Scan
✅ 2 security audits passed - 3rd audit pending
🔗 Sliperage: 7%
📝CONTRACT: 0x77e7db691cdfa5b19e0f3ce43341870ee51a107a
🚀Pancakeswap :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x77e7db691cdfa5b19e0f3ce43341870ee51a107a
🚀Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x77e7db691cdfa5b19e0f3ce43341870ee51a107a#readContract
🚀 LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x858522b8babcb2c17570b810218c82d202db8d65
🚀 Total supply: 1,000,000,000
🚀 Tokens for pancakeswap: (100%)
🥰 1% For Marketing & Donations
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2021.10.25 09:54 yoso33 -20.000 social points because the meme is in english

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2021.10.25 09:54 ShortAlgo $CDEV Waiting for Short signal on CDEV https://t.co/vDq1DcYZbf

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2021.10.25 09:54 Wide-Photograph-8126 Is this SSD compatible with my motherboard

The ssd Crucial MX500 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive
My motherboard MSI Z170i PRO GAMING AC
Need quick answers thanks
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2021.10.25 09:54 ANerden Please downvote both this post and my comment on this post

Wanna see something
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2021.10.25 09:54 Several-Magazine7761 When questioned he testified it wasn’t him and he was just as shocked as I was.

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2021.10.25 09:54 Fork_Master Sableye appreciation post

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2021.10.25 09:54 Byarlant Did you notice the black screen between attacks on SRW30?

It looks so weird, the transition between attack phases used to be seamless, but now there's a black screen between them.
Did you notice it? Is it something that can be disabled?
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2021.10.25 09:54 BigBoiQQ This guy asking where to buy Mexican currency

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